Computer System

The "Student Assessment System" is a web-based application system. The user only requires a Personal Computer (PC) with the internet connection to complete all assessment tasks in administration and management.

The "Student Assessment System" provides each participating school with a SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT. Through this account, the School Administrator can manage the information of each school, including changing the password of each school user account.

All school users, which include the School Administrator, teacher and student, are required to logon the "Student Assessment System". Each user has to use an account name and a password to identify himself/herself. He/She will be granted appropriate privileges to store and retrieve information of the system. All information is stored in the centralized servers placed in the BCA Data Centre. These servers are protected by firewalls to prevent any unauthorized access.

BCA - Requirement for Computer system and other facilities

Internet Connection
  1. Broadband Internet Connection with a minimum bandwidth of 6 Mbps for attempting in schools, and 1.5Mbps for home users.
Proxy Server
  1. Proxy server(s) (Software) are recommended to be installed on the school server (Server) in schools.
Computer Hardware(Minimum Requirement)
  1. Pentium 4 (Central Processing Unit)
  2. 512MB RAM
  3. 100MB free hard drive space
  4. Mouse, keyboard, speaker and headphones
  5. Monitor with 1024 x 768 resolution
  6. Network Card (10/100M)
Computer Software
  1. Windows XP or above (Traditional Chinese or English version)
  2. Google Chrome web browser, Internet Explorer 8 or above
    • Enable Active scripting
    • Support 128-bit SSL
  3. Flash Player 9.0 or above
  4. Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set – 2001 (HKSCS-2001) or above
  5. Allow Pop-up Windows
Note: MAC users may experience operating problems in drag-and-drop type of questions in Student Assessment. It is because the version of the Flash Player of the Google Chrome web browser on MAC platform may be different from that of the Windows platform.
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