Basic Competency Assessments (BCA)

In the 2000 report featured Learning for Life, Learning through Life, the Education Commission (EC) set out detailed proposals for Basic Competency Assessments (BCA) in Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics. The EC recommended that there be two components: Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA) and Student Assessment (SA).

In this regard, we have been administering the TSA at P3, P6 (implemented in alternate year starting from 2011) and S3 on behalf of the Education Bureau (EDB) since 2004. Based on the assessment results of schools, teachers can then adjust their teaching plans to enhance learning.

Further information about Territory-wide System Assessment:

For SA, starting from 1 January 2017, the SA platform has been upgraded to STAR and the SA system from the BCA website is redirected to the STAR platform ( which can be accessed through the website of Hong Kong Education City Limited (HKEdCity).

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